Why It’s Totally Fine That KONY 2012 Creator Jason Russell Got Buck Naked

Jason Russell

Have you ever been the key creator behind the most viral piece of media EVER? Can you wrap your head around what it might be like?

Hmm, me neither.

I bet that if something like this happened to you, that it’s completely possible you would get so freaked out by the sheer phenomena of being that successful that fast that you might just go completely and totally nuts.

Yes. “Totally nuts.” “Balls out.” “Balls to the wall.” Why do you think these testicular terms are all synonyms for crazy? Because KONY 2012 creator Jason Russell baring it all isn’t the first time someone experiencing emotional extremes has gotten naked in public. Naked happens, People. Move along.

I admit, I am no saint hovering above “silly” human gossip. I clicked instantly on the link to the TMZ video of Jason going “nuts” on the streets of San Diego. And I was entertained.  And I totally IM’d my geek friends asap so we could analyze every dramatic detail of the latest Internet sensation since KONY 2012…KONY 2012’s creator Jason Russell in his birthday suit letting off 80 million hits worth of steam.

I decided to reign in all my G chat gossip today to ask the following: have you ever gotten so worked up that you just had to take all your clothes off in front of people? We all (meaning everyone reading this past the age of puberty) have. It’s a beautiful thing. So what’s the big deal?

Jason Russell took his overstimulated self out into the streets of San Diego. If his little meltdown had happened at say, Burning Man, no one would have noticed Jason buck naked pounding the ground with his fists…or he might even have sparked a group dance akin to the African Anteater Ritual in the Patrick Dempsey 1987 classic Can’t Buy Me Love, where everyone just joins in because it looks like a good time.

Much like Patrick Dempsey’s character Ronald Miller, KONY’s creator is a nerdy guy who figures out how to get really popular really fast. Maybe even too fast. Ronald humiliates himself so thoroughly that his chances of being the most popular guy at school are ruined. He then explains his existential dilemma to the object of his affections, Cindy Mancini, who he’s been chasing through the film. “All I ever wanted to do was get close to you. And then when I finally got there, it wasn’t me anymore.”

Jason got close to us. Despite flaws with some of KONY 2012’s content or the controversy over his organization’s balance sheets, Jason Russell touched millions of us with his film…And then, he just wasn’t himself anymore. Actually he was exactly himself. Jason Russell. Unedited. Unfettered. Unclothed. He went crazy for a minute there. Not a huge surprise considering the uncharted territory he’d marched into.

In Jason’s own words, “Humanity’s greatest desire is to belong and connect. And now we see each other.” From his documentary to his well-documented breakdown, Jason Russell put himself out there in a way few people ever will in their entire lives. We see him…a lot more than he originally bargained for. Now what does he get for it? Hellfire and brimstone or compassion and tolerance? Does he get to “belong” now that he’s bared it all? You decide where you stand on an Internet pioneer’s momentary meltdown. Personally, I’m going for the Golden Rule.

*As of the writing of this, Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 has 83,423,510 hits on YouTube. Oops, make that 84,049,094. The video gained almost a million hits during the editing of this post.

Special Note to Jason Russell

You now have our FULL attention. Don’t hide now. Use it. Say what needs to be said. Live out louder. Use your current celebrity to make the biggest and best changes possible.

The rest of your life is an experiment, but in order for it to work you have to make up the rules as you go along because NO ONE IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY HAS EVER PLAYED THIS PARTICULAR GAME BEFORE. You’re the first.

Now show us what you really got. Do some ninja shit, you Internet genius you.

P.S. One piece of advice though—no more U.S. military solutions in your vids, kay? You’ve got a lot of power in that editing booth. Be careful. Thanks.

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